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Ethnic, African, Tribal & Handmade Jewelry

We offer a broad spectrum of collectible ethnic and tribal jewelry from many countries and cultures. Our collection is always evolving, but we usually have Egyptian, African, Persian, Middle Eastern and Indian Jewelry. These items work well with BOHO or Hippie Chic styles. Many people love this type of jewelry for the hand made qualities and the unique beauty. You will find many types of materials used including brass, silver, copper, bone, horn, glass, amber, ceramics and more. Considerable efforts are made to research each piece and describe it as best we can. These beautiful pieces are all vintage, and have not been polished.

Afghan Silver and Bakelite Tribal Necklace African Chevron Trade Bead & Brass Ethnic Necklace Vintage Turquoise Pendant Necklace

Vintage amber bakelite Afghan Tribal necklace

Vintage Tribal Butterscotch Bakelite and Silver Necklace. Five large square butterscotch Bakelite beads (20mm) adorn this ethnic necklace. The Bakelite beads are surrounded by ornate sterling silver filigree bead caps and rounds. The sterling round beads have a seam in the center and are flared on the ends. This style and design are typical of Turkoman Silver Beads. The necklace has silver chain and long cones on the ends that are a lower quality silver, probably 800 in content. The necklace is in good vintage condition, with the inevitable dents and depressions on the silver beads that come with age. The necklace's closes with a simple hook and eye clasp. Beads tested positive for Bakelite with Simichrome. See the clasp and view A, B, C, D.

Length: 21 inches


Vintage African trade bead and brass necklace

This is a wonderful ethnic necklace composed of handmade metal beads and African Trade Beads. The metals beads are a combination of rounds and tubes. The trade beads are red white and blue striped Italian Chevrons. The Italians are famous for making the highest quality glass beads. These barrel shaped beads have a brick red center and 7 layers of canes. Venetian Chevron or star beads are the most beautiful, recognizable and collectable of all of the African "Trade Beads". This style of necklace can be worn by a man or woman. It has a handmade coin silver tube clasp. See the clasp and view A, B, C, D.

Length: 21 inches


vintage turquoise necklace ethnic

This is a long turquoise necklace with a hand crafted turquoise pendant. The attractive pendant looks like the sun and measures 2½ inches. It has a large piece of turquoise in the center with teardrop cabochons of green and blue turquoise radiating from it. The necklace is composed of round turquoise beads and chips and is a nice long length. The necklace closes with a silver tone barrel clasp. The pendant is handmade of lower quality silver, probably 800 in content. See the clasp and view A, B, C, D, E..

Length: 29 inches & 2½" inch pendant
Weight: 96.3 grams

Vintage Carved Bone & Agate Necklace Afghan Silver and Lapis Ethnic Necklace Vintage Multi-Strand Carved Bone Necklace

Vintage bone and red agate necklace

This is a fabulous extra long necklace that is made from hand carved bone beads in a variety of shapes and sizes as well as some genuine red agate beads. The bone beads are very nicely carved with pierced and fluted designs, the bone is also dyed to give it some depth and accents. In between the bone and agate are some silver tone beads and bead caps too. It has a silver tone barrel screw clasp. This is a really nice Ethnic Bone Necklace. See other views A, B, C.

Length: 27 inches


Vintage Afghan Tribal Lapis Necklace BOHO Turkomen

This is a large and dramatic statement piece to be treasured. The massive pendant measures 3½" x 3½" and has cobalt blue lapis inlaid with dangling bells. There are chains and silver stations along the sides with lapis inlaid in silver squares. The necklace closes with a simple hook and eye clasp that is adjustable. The vintage metal work and design is based on traditional tribal jewelry from Northern Pakistan and Afghanistan, it was most likely made by Nomadic Kuchi craftsmen. This style of necklace can add a dash of tribal flair to any look! See the clasp and view A, B, C, D.

Length: 26 inches & 3½" inch pendant
Weight: 156.8 grams


Vintage multi-strand bone necklace

This is a fabulous multi-strand bone necklace. It consists of four strands of hand carved bone beads. Each strand a different style. They are gracefully draped down the front and could be twisted worn straight. The bone beads are a yellowish color and likely to be carved from Yak bone. It has a handmade brass hook and eye clasp that works easily. See other views A, B, C, D.

Length: 23 inches


Strand of Fancy Venetian White Eye Trade Beads Vintage Faux Coral Necklace Vintage Brass & Mother of Pearl Choker

Antique African Trade Beads White Fancy Venetian

African Trade Bead Strand of Fancy Italian/Venetian Eye beads from the early 1900's. These tube shaped beads are white glass with red and aqua blue eyes and combed feather accents. These antique beads were handmade in Venice using traditional bead making techniques. They are lamp work beads with glass trail decoration. The beads are 12mm in diameter and vary in length from 5-20mm in length. The top of the strand has red, white and blue five layer chevrons. This long strand of beads is on raffia and is 28 " long. It can easily slip over your head. It is from the mid to late 1800's originating from Venice, Italy and collected in Mali, Africa. (We recommend restringing it before wearing) There are a few dings and chips on these antique beads, which add to their beauty and story. You are getting this exact strand of beads. See view A, B, C, D.

Size: 5-20 x 12mm

$220 for strand

Vintage Indian Faux Coral Necklace

Vintage multi-strand necklace composed of red glass beads, that look very much like coral. They are irregularly shaped and hand cut. There are hand made silver plated beads with turquoise and red glass cabochons accenting the red beads. It has a lobster claw clasp and small silver plated beads at the top. This necklace is lovely and you will enjoy wearing it. See other views A, B.

Length: 34 inches


Vintage Brass and Mother of Pearl Choker

This is a solid brass choker that is inlaid with mother of pearl. The iridescent mother of pearl insets are a beautiful creamy white. This is a fabulous modern looking handmade collar style choker. See the back.

Size : 5 x 5 inches


Peruvian Coin Necklace Vintage Bone Bird Necklace Vintage Carved Bone Necklace & Bracelet Set

Vintage Peruvian Coin Necklace

This pretty necklace consists of Peruvian coins and ceramic beads. The beads are hand painted a cobalt blue. The coins are genuine old Peruvian coins that are dated 1965 and 1957. There is a small Inca God pendant dangling on the very bottom. The necklace is strung on black braided leather with no clasp. It is long enough to slip over your neck. See other views A, B, C.

Length: 35 inches


Vintage Bone and Horn Ethnic Necklace

This necklace consists of three strands of hand carved bone beads in a variety of shapes and sizes. The focal point is a carved horn bird that is offset. It has a handmade metal hook clasp. See other views A, B

Length: 24 inches

$42.00 Sold

Vintage carved bone and bacelet set Ethnic BOHO

This is a stylish large bone necklace and bracelet set. It is made of hand carved bone beads in a variety of shapes and sizes. The bracelet is composed of bone pieces that are glued together on a wood base. The necklace has a traditional brass screw clasp. See other views A, B, C, D, E, F. Circa 1970.

Length: 21 inches


African Tribal Amber & Copper Necklace

Modernist Pendant & Earrings Set

Vintage Copper & Wood Necklace

Vintage African Tribal Necklace

Vintage African Tribal necklace that is composed of 10x2mm ostrich eggshell heishe beads on a copper wire choker. This fabulous trade bead mix also includes butterscotch amber trade beads in the center, hammered brass beads and fish vertebrae. It features a carved black ebony mask pendant that is hooked on the end of the necklace. It has a hook and eye clasp made of copper. This necklace is really unique and has a fabulous ethnic look. These eggshell beads appear to be old, because the shells are 2mm thick and newer ones are much thinner. See other views A, B, C, D

Length: Choker 15 inches - pendant dangles 8 inches below


Sterling silver modern pendant and earring set.

Wonderful abstract sterling silver pendant and earring set. When I found the set the pendant was hanging on an old piece of leather. There isn't a hole in the pendant, the cord or necklace can run through the top section. The matching earrings are on sterling posts. Marked 925 - See the earrings, back.

Size: 2 inches (pendant)
         ¾ inches (earrings)


Vintage Copper and Coco Wood Necklace

This necklace consists of large copper beads strung in between tan coco wood beads. The copper beads have a great organic look, similar to seed pods. This is a fabulous modern looking handmade necklace. It has a brass hook and eye clasp.

Length: 17 inches


Bone & Brass Bangle Bracelet Antique Kashmiri Beaded Earrings

Bone Tiki Pendant

Vintage bone and brass bangle bracelet

I love this vintage bone bangle bracelet, you can wear it with almost everything. It has mellowed to a wonderful warm buttery color. There are domed slices of bone inlaid on a brass base. See View A, B, C. -Circa 1960's. Tag inside marked made in India.

Size: 1 inch wide - Inside is 2 5/8 inches


Antique Tibetan Beaded Earrings

These earrings have a wonderful rustic and hand crafted look. They were made by bead artisans in the Kashmir region of India. The beads are made of a silver metal, but the silver content is unknown. The beads are decorated with red and turquoise glass dots that look like inlaid gemstones. They dangle from Shepherd hook earrings. They are in very good condition. See View A, View B.

Size: 2½ inches long


Vintage bone mask Tiki pendant

This is a striking ethnic vintage Tiki Pendant. It It is a hand carved face pendant made from a single piece of curved bone. It was stained a dark brown color. It has a large Tiki face carved across the top with a hole on the top. It has nice details and wonderful polish. See the back.

Size: 1½ x 3 inches


Brass Cuff Bracelet Floral Brass Bangle Bracelet Turquoise Eggshell Mosaic Bracelet

Vintage Brass Bracelet

This vintage brass cuff has an intricate etched design. It has a raised ridge running through the center with a leaf pattern on each half. It has a soft patina and is in wonderful condition. Unsigned See View A, B

Size: 2 inches wide


Vintage Brass Bangle Bracelet Embossed India

This vintage brass bangle bracelet has a beautiful embossed floral design. It has a raised ridge through the center. It feels like it is hollow and is in wonderful condition. This will look great stacked with other bangles, has a nice BOHO look. Unsigned See another view.

Size: 1 inch wide


Vintage Brass and Turquoise Mosiac Bracelet

Skilled artisans in India know how to make mosaic jewelry better than anyone. This is a great example of a turquoise eggshell mosaic bracelet on brass. The brass edging is etched with a pattern and the inside has a brushed finish. This is a great 1/2 inch bangle to layer and mix with others. Circa 1970's. Signed Made in India. See View A, B, C

Size: Inside Diameter 2 ¾ inches ; ½ inch wide

$22.00 Sold

Vintage Bone & Agate Necklace African Trade Bead Necklace Vintage Carved Bone & Ebony Necklace

Vintage bone and agate necklace

This is a fabulous extra long necklace that is made from hand carved bone beads and lovely agate gemstone chip beads. The bone beads are a creamy white color and are hand polished into round and hair pipe shapes. In between the bone and agate beads are gold tone beads for a nice contrast. It has a gold tone spring ring clasp. See other views A, B, C, D.

Length: 25 inches


African Trade Bead Necklace

This colorful necklace is made from glass African Trade Beads. The beads are a wonderful mix of different styles and colors of beads. They are all handmade glass sandcast beads. They are strung in the traditional way on raffia. See other views A, B, C

Length: 34 ½ inches

$30.00 Sold

Vintage Carved Bone and Wood Ethnic Necklace

This is a fabulous large necklace that is made from hand carved bone beads in a variety of shapes and sizes as well as some carved ebony wood beads. The ebony beads are nicely carved with a pierced and fluted design. It has a brass screw clasp. See other views A, B, C.

Length: 21 inches


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